Pangburn School District Faculty

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Abernathy, Kelly Art K-6 kelly.abernathy@pangburnschools.org
Allen, Melissa Elementary - 3rd Grade Math mallen@pangburnschools.org
Altom, Rita Custodian rita.altom@pangburnschools.org
Anderson, Robbin Custodian robbin.anderson@pangburnschools.org
Anderson, Kimberly Custodian kim.anderson@pangburnschools.org
Atkins, Dawn High School 9th POD datkins@pangburnschools.org View Website
Atkins, Kym HS Business katkins@pangburnschools.org
Baker, Becky Bus Driver bbaker@pangburnschools.org
Baker, Lori Cafeteria (part-time) lori.baker@pangburnschools.org
Baker, Stephany District Treasurer & Payroll sbaker@pangburnschools.org
Baker, Tracy MS SPED tbaker@pangburnschools.org View Website
Baker, Randy Bus Driver randy.baker@pangburnschools.org
Baker, Leslie HS Custodian leslie.baker@pangburnschools.org
Barnett, Valerie MS SPED barnett@pangburnschools.org View Website
Barnett, Kelly Pre-K Teacher kbarnett@pangburnschools.org
Barrett, Jennifer High School Secretary jennifer.barrett@pangburnschools.org
Baser, Angelina Pre-School Para angelina.baser@pangburnschools.org
Bell, Dana Elementary Kindergarten dbell@pangburnschools.org
Bell, D'Lyna Child Nutrition Director d'lyna.bell@pangburnschools.org
Benton, Monica HS Special Education Teacher mbenton@pangburnschools.org
Berryhill, Dr. Kathy District Administrator kathy.berryhill@pangburnschools.org
Bramlett, Amber MS 7th & 8th Grade Science abramlett@pangburnschools.org
Brewer, Hillary Elementary Para hillary.brewer@pangburnschools.org
Brown, April MS SPED Para april.brown@pangburnschools.org
Brownfield, Lisa MS 5th Math lisa.brownfield@pangburnschools.org
Bruce, Deanna High School Math dbruce@pangburnschools.org
Butler, Duchess HS Counselor dbutler@pangburnschools.org
Butler, Wade Math Facilitator wbutler@pangburnschools.org
Cates, Jackie Daycare Director jcates@pangburnschools.org
Chastain, Nita Elementary Para nchastain@pangburnschools.org
Chester, Brian Technology brian.chester@pangburnschools.org
Collett, Chris HS ALE & Credit Recovery ccollett@pangburnschools.org
Cook, Janet MS 5th Grade Science Teacher cook@pangburnschools.org
Curl, Glenda Elementary Para gcurl@pangburnschools.org
Darby, Debbie Child Care debbie.darby@pangburnschools.org
Davis, Kelly Pre-K Director kdavis@pangburnschools.org
Douglas, Heather HS Science Teacher; Peewee Coach hdouglas@pangburnschools.org
Drye, Janet HS Para - Computer Lab jdrye@pangburnschools.org
Duncan, Louise Daycare lou.duncan@pangburnschools.org
Duran, Linda Bus Driver linda.duran@pangburnschools.org
Ellis, Diana Elementary 2nd Grade dellis@pangburnschools.org
Flint, Lori Elementary 4th Grade lflint@pangburnschools.org
Ford, Monty Transportation monty.ford@pangburnschools.org
Ford, Lisa Bus Driver lisa.ford@pangburnschools.org
Free, Natalie HS English & Drama nfree@pangburnschools.org
Gallegy, Brandy MS Social Worker; Parent Involvement bgallegy@pangburnschools.org
Galyan, Shannon Gifted & Talented Coordinator galyan@pangburnschools.org
Glaze, Megan Speech Therapist mglaze@pangburnschools.org
Gosser, Peggy HS Library Media Specialist pgosser@pangburnschools.org
Gregson, Sheri Elementary Counselor sgregson@pangburn.org
Haile, Paula ALE - Families Inc Para paula.haile@pangburnschools.org
Haile, Tina ABC -PreK Para thaile@pangburnschools.org
Haines, Jerry High School Office Aide
Hale, Tiffany MS - 6th Grade Math tiffany.hale@pangburnschools.org
Hamilton, Dena Elementary Teacher - 1st Grade dena.hamilton@pangburnschools.org
Harris, Brian HS Agriculture & Shop bharris@pangburnschools.org
Hayes, Rob Technology Cordinator robhayes@pangburnschools.org
Heep, Karen MS Para karen.keep@pangburnschools.org
Heier, Sheila Child Nutrition sheila.heier@pangburnschools.org
Hensley, Debra Child Nutrition debra.hensley@pangburnschools.org
Holleman, Ashley 7th & 8th ELA at Middle School ashley.holleman@pangburnschools.org
Holloway, Missey Elementary Teacher - 4th Grade holloway@pangburnschools.org
Hopkins, Stacy District Business Manager stacy.hopkins@pangburnschools.org
Houston, Rhonda MS Secretary houstonr@pangburnschools.org
Hutchings, Jennifer HS Spanish & ELL jhutchings@pangburnschools.org
James, Denise Elementary - 2nd Grade Teacher denise.james@pangburnschools.org
Jeffery, Joan Licnesed Psychological Examiner SPED jjeffery@pangburnschools.org
Jones, Ben MS/HS PE, Health & Boys Basketball Coach ben.jones@@pangburnschools.org
Kerby, Karen Elementary 1st Grade kkerby@pangburnschools.org
Klapp, Kim Elementary Kinder Teacher kim.klapp@pangburnschools.org
Knapp, Amanda MS Library Para amanda.knapp@pangburnschools.org
Knapp, Lucinda Custodian lucinda.knapp@pangburnschools.org
Langley, Georgia Elementary Para- Computer Lab georgia@pangburnschools.org
Langley, Lee Bus Driver lee.langley@pangburnschools.org
Langley, Dustin HS Para dustin.langley@pangburnschools.org
Larue, Amy Middle School Para amy.larue@pangburnschools.org
Louks, Suzanne Middle School Principal slouks@pangburnschools.org
Lyons, Marilyn M.S. SPED Para marilyn.lyons@pangburnschools.org
Marsh, Tony Custodian tmarsh@pangburnschools.org
Mckee, Erika High School Para erika.mckee@pangburnschools.org
Mckee, David Transportation Director david.mckee@pangburnschools.org
McMillion, Shae Child Care smcmillion@pangburnschools.org
Mills, Bridget High School Math Teacher bridget.mills@pangburnschools.org
Mitchell, Bill HS/MS Band & Choir mitchell@pangburnschools.org
Moiser, Stacie Elementary BIU stmoiser@pangburnschools.org
Moorehead, Donna MS 7 & 8 Careers, Social Study & Interventions moorehead@pangburnschools.org
Nowlin, Cheryl Child Nutrition cheryl.nowlin@pangburnschools.org
Powell, Nanette Elementary Special Education Teacher nanette@pangburnschools.org
Ramsey, Theresa Elementary - 4th Math tramsey@pangburnschools.org
Ramsey, Christy Kindergarten Teacher christy.ramsey@pangburnschools.org
Ramsey, Chad Elementary Principal cramsey@pangburnschools.org
Ramsey, Tommy Maintenance tommy.ramsey@pangburnschools.org
Ramsey, Susan 3rd Grade Literacy Teacher suramsey@pangburnschools.org
Ratton, Patty Child Nutrition pratton@pangburnschools.org
Reaper, Janet HS Business & Economics jreaper@pangburnschools.org
Reaper, Jenny Elementary PE & Archery jenreaper@pangburnschools.org
Redman, Amanda MS 5th Grade Social Studies redman@pangburnschools.org
Reed, Martha Maintenance & Child Nutrition martha.reed@pangburnschools.org
Richardson, Kim 6th Grade Literacy Teacher kim.richardson@pangburnschools.org
Rolland, Christi HS 9th English, Girls Coach & Athletic Director crolland@pangburnschools.org
Rolland, David Superintendent of Pangburn Schools drolland@pangburnschools.org
Russell, Crystal Elementary - 1st Grade crystal.russell@pangburnschools.org
Russell, Aaron Maintenance Director arussell@pangburnschools.org
Sanchez , Kelley LPN kelley.sanchez@pangburnschools.org
Shipley, Brian Maintenance - Electrician brian.shipley@pangburnschools.org
Smith, Melissa Student Interventions & Dyslexia msmith@pangburnschools.org
Springer, John Bus Driver john.springer@pangburnschools.org
Stacy, Jo HS Office Clerk & Para jostacy@pangburnschools.org
Tharp, Jolie Elementary 2nd Grade jtharp@pangburnschools.org
Tharp, Sheila Administration Office tharps@pangburnschools.org
Townsend, Linda Elementary Music ltownsend@pangburnschools.org
Treat, Darliss Elementary 3rd Grade dtreat@pangburnschools.org
Vanwinkle, Rebecca Nurse becky.vanwinkle@pangburnschools.org
Vasquez, Sarah Custodian sara.vasquez@pangburnschools.org
Vernon, Stephanie Literacy Facilitator svernon@pangburnschools.org
Verser, Bo Michael HS Science bo.verser@pangburnschools.org
Waire, Jamie Elementary Office Secretary jamie.waire@pangburnschools.org
Waire, Cristy Elementary Library Media cwaire@pangburnschools.org
Wells, Donna Lynn Bus Driver lynn.wells@pangburnschools.org
Whitehead, Samantha MS 7th & 8th Grade Math samantha.whitehead@pangburnschools.org
Whitehead, Paula HS Family Consumer Science Teacher pwhitehead@pangburnschools.org
Whitlock, Vida Bus Driver vida.whitlock@pangburnschools.org
Whitworth, Cody HS- Head Baseball Coach & Math Teacher cody.whitworth@pangburnschools.org
Wilkerson, Lyne Elementary Para lwilkerson@pangburnschools.org
Wilson, Deanna High School Para - Interventions deanna.wilson@pangburnschools.org
Wolfe, Kevin Art - 7-12 kwolfe@pangburnschools.org
Woods, Shawn MS Computer, Business & Softball Coach shawn.woods@pangburnschools.org
Wright, Glenna HS History & Science gwright@pangburnschools.org
Wyman, Amanda Elementary SPED Para amanda.wyman@pangburnschools.org
Wynne, Karen MS 6th Grade Science wynne@pangburnschools.org
Yancy, Autumn Elementary Reading & Math Interventions autumn@pangburnschools.org

All students are expected to learn, create, achieve, and succeed in education, community, and life. As educators, we should strive to motivate, encourage, and inspire young people to overcome obstacles and achieve lifelong goals.